Saturday, 30 June 2007

I Made A Tattoo Frock

I needed a frock to go with my my darling new Red Shoes.

So behold the Tattoo fabric I bought a while back made up using the same Green Frock pattern, New Look no 6375. So easy to put together, it's a joy. And so easy to wear!

I snapped a pic of the fabric as a fly landed on my arm.

Naturally I had to remove the layer of dust that had settled on my sewing machine due to my work/life imbalance. I have knitted 3 rows of my green cardy in the past 6 months - should be ready by Xmas.

Whilst taking afternoon tea with Flibb and friends yesterday (and admiring the new New York stash), I spotted some swishy fabric I just might have to buy. I have got a swishy skirt pattern and will make one up in time for the annual 'Swing Night' with full orchestra that our wonderful local council hosts every summer, Central Park E6.

Still to make up - the ahem, *cardy* same more pants and something from this chi chi little number. Yum!

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