Wednesday, 11 May 2011

50's Blouse in Deckchair Stripes

Spring has sprung

I've had this pattern for so long I thought it was about time I made it up.

The lady in the illustration looks vexed - she's obviously abandoned trying to line up her stripes like her neighbour and opted for the plain version. My look of serenity belies the mental torment of stripe matching, which led to a fair bit of unpicking and re-stitching - I am simply exhausted.

As with a lot of vintage patterns, the sizing was hit and miss. The cut is quite roomy, not as fitted as the illustration and might be a bit too blousy tucked in or wasp waisted. 
I really like the shape with capri pants.

The back of the collar has nice detail, if you look to the illustration - it sits up quite perky. I pressed mine to lie flat in a less Elvis stylee.

So all in all a good afternoon's work - and sunshine to boot!

The fabric put me in mind of a dress my mother had which I can only recall in black and white pictures - here she is holding my *big* sister around 1959 I reckon.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Bexhill-On-Sea blustery day

I live in the city but I love the Seaside, especially faded seaside glamour of the British variety. I'll retire to the beach one day, maybe open a B&B or park up an Airstream.
It's the colours I love along with the noise of the surf and smells. We used to holiday in Colwyn Bay, North Wales when I was a girl - I froze in the Lido and rode the penny rides on the front.

This May bank holiday I took a trip to Bexhill and stumbled across the De La Warr Pavilion.

It's a Modernist masterpiece on the seafront, built in 1935 and some claim - the first Modernist building in Britain. 

'Pioneering in structure as it was in spirit, the purpose of this steel and concrete Pavilion was to provide accessible culture and leisure for the people of Bexhill and beyond and so regenerate the economy of the town and the surrounding area.'

The views from the Pavillion along the inhabited front and out to sea are wonderful.

The De La Warr Pavilion has recently undergone renovation and is now open as a Contemporary Arts Centre.

The illustrations in this post are by Andy Tuohy and capture my lust for Modernist Architecture. I will retire to the beach and live in a bloksy white dwelling that resembles an ocean liner. It's the simplicity, clean lines and large picture windows - all so alluring.

Then I spotted this print at the gift shop ...

Another ocean liner of a building just up the road in St Leonards, so we headed up the coast to find it. It wasn't quite as splendid, a residential and retail block - but still a joy to behold.

Surfing through Andy Tuohy's blog I found this gem ...

Now here's a venture I'd heard of on the grapevine - Save Deamland - a bid to transform Margate's crumbling Amusement Park into a viable attraction with a vintage appeal. 

This is a really exciting project and one that I'll definitely be keeping an eye on because along with seaside dwellings I also love old Funfairs and Funfair art.

It was breezy day in Bexhill (hence the gloves), but the sky was blue and my heart soared with the seagulls (despite the glum look).

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