Saturday, 15 December 2007

I Made A Christmas Cake

Yummy Yum Yum! Happy Holidays everyone!

I Made A trip To Chelsea

I went to Frock Me! for a second time.
This is such a wonderful antiques fare for all you Vintage Clothes lovers! The prices are reasonable, the stock is varied and good quality - the venue is fab, with tea and cakes served to the strains of a wind up gramaphone... bliss.

There was even a Swing Night with live band the day I went, but I couldn't justify hanging around Chelsea all day and night, so sadly I didn't bring my dancing shoes this time around. Next time - definitely!

But I did come away with this darling little number! 40's wool jacket, just what I have been looking for and a great fit. All I need now is some white ice skating boots and a muff..
I'm going to put shoulder pads in everything and cinch my waist - it's such a lovely feeling, class!

The frocks were nice enough - but the brooches, jewels and buttons were fabby.
Look what I found - cute eh?

And these to add to another jacket I got from the 'High St' the other week.

And finally, the sunglasses I'm wearing in these pics were in fact my mothers, genuine retro item.

I Made Another Swishy skirt

Oh this pattern is soooo good.
The plaid fabric was very cheap from my local haberdashers, I've enough to make a matching jacket - hmm, bit too Malcolm McLaren?
Like the new wedgy shoes? I can only wear them to occasions where I get a lift and then stand still for the duration - because actually walking in them is a killer.

Fanfare Please!

Behold - the ruffled cardy that has taken me the best part of a year to complete.
To be fair, I only knit on rare occasions - I cannot multi task in the knitting department, I cannot for example watch telly, read a book and knit at the same time like my mother used to, so anything knitted is going to take an age.

The ruffles are wrong wrong. The ruffles look very nice, but they knitted up wrong in some parts giving me a bobbled moss stitch ruffle instead of a smooth st st ruffle. Can you tell? No. Well, there you go! But I probably wouldn't wear it to my knitting group..
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