Sunday, 1 February 2009

I Made Xmas Gifts (er.. a while ago)

Christmas crafting was such a long time ago now!
I made a whole handful of these towel turbans for my girlfriends, each with a different colour sequin flower - a very simple make. Two pieces of toweling stitched together with an elastic loop at the back for securing the towel once your wet hair is fully under control.

I was determined to get some Jeanie B labels made up for the Xmas gift giving season, these came with only days to go before Xmas eve .. just the job.

Santa was very kind to me!
The wonderful Flib bought me this knitting bag from Knittiotherapy.

I worked out eventually it was for socks - it's quite a stumpy little number and my regular knitting needles are too long for it. Now I had to learn to knit socks.

On a crafting outing last month I visited Loop for the first time - a pick and mix knitters paradise, Flib guided me in my sock yarn quest and I cam away with some Jitterbug (how appropriate) and a pack of double pointed needles.

After one sock tutorial - this is how it's going! Can be a bit like grappling with an unruly porcupine at times, but really not as hard as it looks.

I have a bit of a crafting frenzy going on at the minute (just as the day job starts to pick up .. avoidance tactics eh?).
My sister and I both bought each other a Cath Kidston book for Xmas.

We hadn't planned it that way - we just looked at our identical xmas wrapped packages and said "Oh!"
I have great applique plans, watch this space.
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