Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Here's a fairly recent acquisition - my lovely Fiesatware jug. It's not particularly old, these pieces are still being made I believe. Those in the know will be able to tell you which Fiesta pieces are vintage and worth holding to by the glaze colour etc.. and which are contemporary.
This piece is such a lovely shape, I buy more flowers since I've had it.

It's Too Darned HOT

Isn't the weather lovely?
I usually go to my dance class in jeans and T - shirt. Have you tried jiving in this heat? I had to come up with a cooler alternative.

I made this little Lindy dress over two days, it's a New Look pattern I've used before and ever so simple.

I must now take this dress off to wash it - it's so comfy I'm wearing it all the time.

Also - I've had a little more success with a reproduction 1940's swing dress pattern that's been in and out of my sewing box for months. The skirt fits perfectly, the top needs a little attention. I will blog it as soon as it's 'come together.'

My day job is easing off a little and I've been so chuffed to get back sewing, until my machine did that poltergeist thing and started sewing all by itself at 100mph. Poor thing - it was my mother's circa 1970's .. it's going to have to visit the sewing machine hospital soon.

Here's a corsage I made for Flib, you can see the delightful claret coloured retro machine..

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