Sunday, 6 January 2008

I Made A Frock For Xmas

I was determined to make something from the wonderful stash Roman and Eva gave me (see previous). My sister and I ploughed through all the patterns, she borrowed a couple but I couldn't decide which would be an relativley painless make, my sewing skills not quite Vintage Vogue. Sis suggested this little number. I agreed.

The pattern was quite easy although I did have to go to town on my dress form - the sizes on the pattern sleeve, although almost matching my own, somehow got lost in the translation. I pinned the dress to the form and cut away a lot of excess - I probably could have gone even more 'svelte' but I did want room for turkey and xmas pud.

The pattern tells me that the bottom frill is made from cutting 3 pieces. I did this and it wouldn't fit around the hem, however 4 pieces fit perfectly - I wondered if this was a mistake. The vintage pattern was a lot less directive than contemporary patterns I've used, as if certain skills were assumed and you could sort of' get the gist'.

I don't have a huge pointy bust, which I think would be an asset with this little number, so I dug out my most Madonna-like underwear - still the front gaped a little. Then I came across the instructions for sewing in two lengths of elastic under the armholes that reach round the back and fasten like a bra - strap. What the?
I did as instructed and lo! the gaping vanished and the neckline lay flat. The only disadvantage being you need another pair of hands to get you into the dress and fasten the elastic..

I was still handsewing bits and pieces on Xmas morning but the dress was so comfy I really wanted step out in it. We had our Xmas meal at a Hotel overlooking London Bridge - Judy Garland and Bing Crosby were singing Xmas songs as we sat down to dine, the food was divine and I felt a million dollars.. !
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