Sunday, 2 November 2008

Halloween Interlude

Pumpkin designed and crafted by youngest daughter.

Lots of make and do happening at the moment - lots to blog about!

I Made Corsages All Afternoon

Corsage overdrive. I put these nifty little numbers together this afternoon with fabric from the stash.

Two are birthday presents, the other one I may give to a lady that I see at my dancing class - she has worn a variety of corsages and I dared to ask her last week if she makes them herself .. and she does!

I Made Meringue (eventually)

A baking interlude…

Lemony Meringue Pie and boy it was lemmmmony!
I ruined the first batch of meringue by overbeating it I think - so I poured that down the sink and started again.

I Made A Bolero

So to the contents of my knitting bag - behold the circular bolero. This pattern caught my eye on Yesterknits free patterns page and has been translated by this talented crafty blogger.

It was a dream to knit up, although my version seems roomier, must be a tension thang. But such lovely soft yarn and such an easy pattern, I rarely got my needles in a twist.

I’m wearing it with some swing pants I made up many moons ago (in the archives somewhere) - they’ve had a new lease of life with some buttons from Roman’s vintage giftbox (see archives).

I bought a new pair of Lindy dancing shoes the other week, the pants will swing very well with them I reckon.

So now I’m lost without a knitting project to hand - I’m not very skilful but the act of knitting something is sooo relaxing. Anybody got any fave quick knits I could try?

I Made A Friend

I love my Bunny.

I have been a fan of Thimbleanna’s blog for a long time now - boy is she one prolific crafty lady. Her bunnies are the best .. and now I have one of my very own sitting by my sewing machine. Anna visited the UK last week and we had coffee in town with Flib. I was so touched when as a parting gift she presented me with Cupcake.

I am a softy at heart. That won’t stop me sticking pins in him though.
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