Thursday, 22 December 2011

Prizes Prizes!!

I am a winner!
Remember my entry for the No Pattern Required Annual Retro Christmas Card Competition the vintage birds’ snack bar
Well ... it was deemed kitsch enough to earn a ‘runner up prize’ which is no mean feat!

Look what landed on the doormat earlier this week from across the pond.

A whole boxful of Christmas cards from What’s Buzzin’ the retro Christmas Card Company. 

Some are fab enough to have up all year round I reckon – I have a fondness for flamingos. Most of the others will be packed away until next year .. one job done taken care of for Xmas 2012.
Thank you so much for all who voted!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

A Little Kitschmas Crafting

Earlier this month I had a go at turning these ...

into this ... 

I was inspired by Betty Crafter's Wreaths on her fabulous blog, all her Xmas makes and finds are retro to die for, do take a look. 
I started with a polystyrene wreath form and wrapped it in tinsel. Then it was just a case of hot glue gunning everything into place - with a designer's eye (ahem). 

I did wire the deer and her fawn to stop them straying. 
I'm pleased to say all the baubles were bought from Charity Shops - if you get there early enough in December you'll find the cream of the vintage crop for next to nothing. The deer came from a vintage fair - a good price too as these are getting quite pricey on the likes of eBay and Etsy.

Then ... as tis the Season ... I had a wonderful day of edible crafting over at Gail's of One Million Gold Stars. 

Gail had pre-prepared the cookie dough, you can find her reproduction of the recipe and instructions on Domestic Sluttery. All I had to do was cut and decorate and with Gail's guidance I had a go at floating the icing so the biscuits are covered uniformly. We then ate went to town with sprinkles and baubles.


Happy Holidays Everybody
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