Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Craft Your own Vintage Birds’ Snack Bar with Fun Seasonal Addition!

(Or … my entry for the No Pattern Required Annual Retro Christmas Card Competition)

I like a good challenge – and this looked to be right up my street:
“The name of the game this year Readers, is Odd And Ends! Here at No Pattern Required, we want to see what you can do with the bits and pieces you have thrifted or laying around your house right now. 

There are no restrictions on materials or methods, the only rules are that some of your submission has to be reused or thrifted, something in the project has to be retro or vintage, even if it is only that the finished product has a retro look to it, and each submission has to have a picture of your finished (or mostly finished) project with it.”

I turned to a trusted fount of knowledge, an issue of Woman’s Day 1958.

I bypassed the rather scary looking woman selling me Tide ...

... skipped through the reader’s letters and their appealing kitten photos ...

... and found a Woman’s Day Do-It-Yourself Tutorial.

This one is strictly for the Birds dear readers – who need our love more in this season of blustery winds and snow.

Birds' Snack Bar

I set about gathering materials for the Birds’ Snack Bar as outlined in the informative article, ‘This wooden tray is very easily made from a piece of plywood and some lengths of woodstrip’. No probs …

I cut the ply and the batons to size, nailed them all together as instructed – I was a little stumped by the need for a Gimlet. I’m not certain what a gimlet is (knitted vest?) … but it makes a holes so I reckoned an electric drill would do.

As this is a seasonal gift for a seasonal competition, I reckoned the birds might enjoy the addition of a Crafted Seasonal Novelty.
I dug around in the stash for some bits to make a Snowman. 

The Woman’s Day Birds’ Snack Bar is tastefully varnished ‘so that the natural wood colour blends with the outdoor background’. I varnished mine. And found some suitable vintage twine.

My only worry is the snowman looks a bit threatening (the rakish angle of the hat?) and might in fact deter my feathered friends. 
Not to worry – as soon as I hung my Birds’ Snack Bar in the apple tree, it had a wee curious visitor!

I do hope my entry catches the eagle eye of the judges.


RetroRuth said...

Love this - a good idea and an adorable name! And it looks so cute! Thanks so much for the contest entry, Jeanie!

Thimbleanna said...

Ok, what's up with that bird -- did you put a jacket on him??? That's just tooo cute. I'm sure the birds will thank you!

BoPeep said...

Great post and fun pics!

Lisa said...

I love this project, and your snowman is really cute, but the image at the end of the post made me laugh out loud! That lady really is quite scary! ^_^ Good luck in the contest!

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