I’m Abi and this is a ‘show and tell’ blog hatched in 2006 dedicated to things I’ve made and things I’ve found.

Blogging gives me the opportunity to record the stuff I make in my garden workspace, The Ponderosa at home in East London, UK. Some projects turn out brilliantly; others are flashes-in-the-pan that don’t work as well as they do in my head. Some things remain works in progress that never get finished, but I think it’s important to share the process.

I learned to sew, knit and bake informally at my mother and auntie’s elbows incorporating a lot of trial and error. My Mum was science teacher and approved of experimentation. I learned the DIY stuff in my Dad’s garage, nailing his discarded offcuts together – gross gender stereotyping I know, but this was the 1970’s.

My favourite pastime is let’s pretend and this has led me to a working life as a maker for theatre and as a dramatist for theatre and TV.

I like to pretend I command the floor like Eleanor Powell when I'm out swing dancing. I pretend I’m Pee Wee Herman when I ride my beach cruiser (stay with me..) and I've found acting as if in the face any new challenge is a proactive means of getting stuff done. 
Never before made a bracelet out of beads and buttons? Act as if  you’re the hottest bead and button bracelet designer on the block, make it up as you go along and you’ll soon get a feel for it.

A little disclaimer here – I ALWAYS read the instructions. 
Scientific mother would approve.

I put my love of retro design, swing and kitsch down to the Mid-Century nik-naks I was surrounded by as a child, *that* Tijuana Brass album everyone had in the 70’s and overexposure to early Tom and Jerry cartoons.

I love to collect old stuff, old stuff inspired new stuff and stuff that makes me smile.
These things I like to share with you.

Keep in touch.

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