Sunday, 28 February 2016

#VintagePledge 2016

Behold - a new challenge for a new year of blogging.

What a brilliant idea! The #VintagePledge gives you the opportunity to plough the pattern stash and pledge to make something from vintage or repro vintage patterns in 2016.

A Stitching Odyssey is hosting the pledge - take a good look at the rules (they're fun) and sign up with me.

Now, I have three boxes of vintage patterns on top of the wardrobe - surely I can find something to make, especially as I never find clothes I would actually like to wear from the high street.I also have a ton of vintage knitting patterns and these can form part of the pledge too, so I may have something to post soon as I've almost finished a vintage sweater I started .. oh about a year ago ..

So here's my  #VintagePledge:

During 2016, I pledge to make at least 3 items of clothing from my vintage pattern stash - something knitted, something swish and something to swing dance in.

Why don't you join in - I'd love to hear about your makes.

1 comment:

Debrafide said...

Hello Abi – Great to see you are still keeping creative with your knitting and sewing activities - you are an inspiration. Debs* :)

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