Friday, 13 April 2012

Crochet Card 3D Wall Art - Java Jive

I've been making a few crochet card thingies since I mastered the technique here, but there's a limit to how many pencil holders and nik nak boxes I can have around the place, so i thought ... let's stick it on the wall.

I have always admired the tea-cup shape that I posted about previously from Tea With Friends but I don't drink tea. I dink coffee, a lot of coffee. So here's my homage to my morning Java shot.

I worked out a template in card, then chose some suitable imagery - 'Modern Art'.

I really like the Edward Hopper image of the woman drinking coffee at a table (Automat - Hopper 1927) - I wanted her inside the cup in her isolation so that you had to peek to find her. 

My machine embroidery skills are still in their infancy as you can see! But it's great fun, I'll be practising this over the next few months especially as I picked up a wonderful retro book on the subject from a charity shop last week - deserves a blog post all of its own.

For the background to the finished piece I chose two contrasting fabrics, ran them through the sewing machine then stretched and glued the lot to stiff card. 
Once I'd placed the cup and saucer in a nice dynamic position, a few stitches held the cup and saucer in place and ... ta da!

I'm linking this post with the Handmade Monday linky party - see what everyone else is making this week.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Bloggers Out There - Introducing Betty Crafter

There are some people’s blogs I love to dip into – often because they have the knack of finding the most wonderful things in yard sales and thrift stores (we don’t do yard sales in the UK alas) and because their blogging always brings on a smile.

Betty Crafter is one such blogger (she’s there look, on my blogroll side bar). Betty collects fun things for herself, her Mister and Little Betty and she’s hosting her first giveaway! Just ripe for spring planting – a kitschy adorable squirrel planter.

This planter could be yours if you leave Betty a comment, press her Twitter button or do as I’m doing and blog about her giveaway. 

I’d love the planter in my workspace sprouting mini daffs, but I’m just happy to share her retro blogginess with you all. Do check out her Enid Collins purses and Cowichan collection – they rock.
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