Thursday, 5 April 2012

Bloggers Out There - Introducing Betty Crafter

There are some people’s blogs I love to dip into – often because they have the knack of finding the most wonderful things in yard sales and thrift stores (we don’t do yard sales in the UK alas) and because their blogging always brings on a smile.

Betty Crafter is one such blogger (she’s there look, on my blogroll side bar). Betty collects fun things for herself, her Mister and Little Betty and she’s hosting her first giveaway! Just ripe for spring planting – a kitschy adorable squirrel planter.

This planter could be yours if you leave Betty a comment, press her Twitter button or do as I’m doing and blog about her giveaway. 

I’d love the planter in my workspace sprouting mini daffs, but I’m just happy to share her retro blogginess with you all. Do check out her Enid Collins purses and Cowichan collection – they rock.


Thimbleanna said...

I went over there and told Betty Crafter to pick YOU! ;-D

Planet Penny said...

Hi Jeannie, Lovely to meet you via LinkedIn and CraftBlog!


Jeanie B said...

Tee Hee Anna - thank you!

Hi there Penny - thanks for stopping by :-)

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