Tuesday, 22 April 2008

I Made A Sundae Curtain

Having mentioned in the previous post that my kitchen is a good place to be, I had to do a little maintenance recently.
There is a hidey hole where the potatoes and soft drinks are chucked after the weekly shop. I felt it needed something a little more Chi Chi.

Comme ca...

Neat eh? Michael Miller 'Ice Cream Shoppe' fabric bought from here.
Compliments the chili lights and Coke border nicely.

I Made A Kitsch Pinny

I'm always keeping my eye out for kitchen inspired retro fabric. My kitchen is one of my fave places to be .. even more so now I've invested in a Magimix and a Nigella. It's a good place to dance too - small it maybe, but I have been known to practice a stroll whilst the Apple Kuchen is baking.

My sisters up North posted me a little bundle of goodies a while back - picnic fabric, Bar-B-Q fabric a few meters of red pom pom trimming, which I've saved for another project. The fat Ric Rac came in a swap bundle.
This is what I made.

Unfortunately it disturbs my daughter who doesn't like to see ants crawling up my front whilst I'm baking.

Behold the Apple Kuchen made whilst strolling to 'Long Tall Girl' by the Carnations.

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