Wednesday, 10 September 2008

I Made Another Corsage

I'm corsage mad at the moment - everybody should have at least one, preferably one for every day of the week.
My big sis graduated recently and I wanted to send her a gifty through the post.
First I found this on Etsy.

A sheet of retro unused wrapping paper 'For The Graduate'.
From the same seller, I also found this wonderful little book for my neice who has just bought a fab hand cranked Singer on eBay!

Then I made the corsage, using colours I know big sis would like.

I bundled up the corsage, book and wrapping paper with some yummy chocolate (of course) and sent it in the post!
I love getting stuff in the post, it's prompted me to look into joining some more swaps. Anyone got any good swaps on the go out there?

School Bag

The Summer ends and my girls are back to school. My youngest was determined to make a new school bag - in a retro stylee - and chose some fabric from the stash. I engineered the project and she did most of the sewing.

It's very roomy and very sturdy with a calico lining. And of course it looks darn coooool!
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