Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Charm Bracelets at the The Buttoneer Party

I’ve been to a few craft workshops in my time, but I’d never been invited to a craft party .. until recently. The hostess was the button loving queen Dolores, who simply wanted to share her buttons around and invited a few girlfriends over to get crafty with cake.

The venue was laid out like a regular party but instead of bags of crisps and bowls of jelly we each had a plate to craft upon with beads, buttons, ribbon and a blank charm bracelet.

We were invited to browse a selection of crafty visual ideas on our hostesses’ laptop and then encouraged to dive into craft books and magazines as an appetiser.

There were bowls and jars full of buttons and ribbons along with a serving tray of jewellery findings. A selection of jewellery pliers and cutters were to hand like cutlery, along with a side trolley of glue guns and wire.

We each piled a plate with pick 'n' mix goodies and set about making our button creations. Everybody helped one other out suggesting styles and button/bead combinations. Wire wrapping and bending skills were shared, finished creations modelled and photographed for Instagraming instancy.

Fruity brooch by Bee
Button brooch and charm bracelet by Bee
And of course we ate the real goodies, cupcakes and lollipops made by our hostess, savoury nibbles and drinks prepared by the chef.

Homespun lollies
All the guests proved extremely productive, I made two button charm bracelets and a brooch. We each left with a party bag of edible goodies for later on!

Bee and Dolores
I declared it the inaugural meeting of the Buttoneers, and if Dolores does indeed open her Button Shop at Red Doors in E6 anytime soon, then she has an eager clientele ready to stock up on goods.

Wood Button Charm by Jeanie B
Fruity button charm by Jeanie B

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