Monday, 31 March 2008

I Made A Patchwork Holdall

Now I do have a 'thing' for bags. I have never found the perfect bag - this is due in part to the well known fact that there is indeed a bag out there for every occasion. I have yet to find a 'one bag fits all' bag.
My one problem with hand crafted bags is making them strong enough. This bag has an interfaced gusset which adds stability and makes the bag nice and roomy.
I downloaded the pattern from the Burda fashion site having secretly fallen in love with many Amy Butler bags - this pattern was a freebie, Amy Butler costs.
The fabric is from the stash. Naturally.
Handles from here.

I Made A Woolly Neckerchief

Behold the last of my Winter crafting before Spring springs.
This is my fab little Western Neckerchief. I bought the pattern from Loop - very easy to follow and knitted up in red cotton, it didn't take long at all.
The brooch was an old eBay win - I had been looking for stylized Sheriff badge but this fitted the bill.
The little scarf if great with a thin knit cardy and jeans, fits snuggly under any coat, not bulky at all. Y'all.

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