Thursday, 10 November 2011

Tiki Runner Completed!

I started this project oh … I dunno, about 2 years ago now? I can still remember the afternoon I sketched out the flowers, chose my fabrics – it was a beautiful day, I was waiting for a call from work, listening to jazz.

It’s not like I’ve been actively sewing the thing for 2 years, I’m a flighty maker – I get excited by new projects, get a rush of excitement from fresh ideas and finishing something off suddenly seems dull by comparison.

So it has been nice to revisit an old friend, the runner just needed backing and a good press after being rolled up in a box for aeons.

It was intended as a centrepiece for the dinning table – but quite honestly you can’t find our dinning table under the mountain of stuff that gets dumped on it. So the (rather large) footstool now a chic coverlet. We don’t use it as footstool – it is simply another depository for dumped stuff. But maybe now the family will think twice before piling things on top of the applique.

I read a really constructive post about surfing the net and creative procrastination on Elizabeth’s blog Things Bright, here. She advocates reading less blogs as an aid to creativity in a quality vs quantity vibe.
Enjoy this food for thought, not forgetting to add Make It Up to your essential reading list!


Thimbleanna said...

Hmmm. I have no idea if my comment went through -- my computer screen wasn't normal. If so...delete this one LOL. It said (ha! I copied it 'cause the screen was goofy.):
Your table runner is beautiful Abi! I love the little bird -- his colors are so pretty.

Thanks for the Elizabeth link. I'm already doing most of what she says with my reader, although, the numbers have crept up again so it's a good reminder that I need a clean out. I'm thinking a lot of us will lose subscribers when her post makes it's rounds LOL!

JeanieB said...

Thimbleanna - I know I know … it’s dangerous to suggest people read less blogs! But after my Reader clean up, I found I deleted blogs I hadn’t read in yonks, then signed up to some new ones. So maybe the solution is to mix it up more regularly? Then share the love!

Thanks for the compliment on my table runner - subtle colour choice have never been my strong point, it's quite clashy!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... I can relate to this post in more ways than one! Firstly that I get so enthusiastic about a project that I have exhausted all excitement once I've started it and get eager about starting a new one way before I've finished. My mum used to call me grasshopper-brain when I was little and nothing has changed! Also I have piles too... everywhere! Poor Mr Ooobop dreams of a minimalistic home but I fear it will never happen with me around. Love your table runner. Very impressed with the choice of fabrics... and that you came back to finish it off. Not sure I can ditch any blogs that I read yet.... ooops just added you as another!!

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