Saturday, 10 March 2007

I Made A Spotty Frock

Here it is! The wonderful spotty Anime frock for my teenage daughter. The ric rac certainly added the finishing touch. It is having its first outing later in the month at an MCR gig :-)

We adapted the pattern a bit so that it looked less like a sack, more fitted. It's very like the sort of dresses my Auntie would make up for me when I was 5 or 6, I have photo evidence of me on various beaches in North Wales..

I love ric rac. I love the word.
I love this dress on my daughter.


Flibbertygibbet said...

It's fabulous! Isn't she lucky to have such a talented mum... if you have any spare rick rack, you should do the next Tie One On apron as it's the theme!

Wendi said...

The rick rack is wonderful, but it's the little strawberry patch that makes it perfect. Fabulous!

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