Thursday, 9 August 2007

I Made A Trip To Barcelona

I've spent the last week soaking up sun, sea and culture, falling into cafes for coffee, chocolate and churros.
I took myself off to a local flea market one morning trying to avoid the midday heat. Amongst the power tools, flip flops and bric a brac I found a ton of vintage mags. My daughter persuaded me that perhaps one or two was enough of a souvenir. Left alone I could have filled a suitcase.I haggled for these two French beauties from 1938 and paid 2 euros, not bad for someone with no Spanish/Catalan what so ever. (Mad woman on phone with dried flower corsage, I could relate to..)

Inside were some wonderful tips (in French) on how to arrange your workspace so that bobbins and needles don't attack you in the night.

Along with some chi chi fashion..

And for all you knitters out there..

Of course I saw Miros, Paella and Gaudis.

Wonderful, wonderful city - right down to the Flamenco aprons!


Flibbertygibbet said...

It looks utterly fabulous. I love the fact that your daughters are more sensible than you, snigger...and I want a copy of that french article - merveilleuse! x

KnittingJenny said...

Wow, vintage mags from 1938. What a great year. Looking through mags like that is so much fun. I really admire your control at not buying many more mags----that must have been hard.

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