Saturday, 19 July 2008

I Made Some Soundproofing

The distance from my bedroom to the sitting room is not a great one. We live in a ground floor flat, with two daughters who like to listen to 'sounds' especially when I'm trying to lie in or blog from my bed a la Barbra Cartland. I had to dampen the sounds emanating from the sitting room somehow and came up with the palm curtain!
This is lovely fabric from John lewis - flocked onto a sort of jute and it compliments the wallpaper I threw up this time last year in the hall.

It was simply a case of hemming a length of fabric that fitted the (glass) door and attaching it via some dowel. Muffles the sounds and looks good too!

I posted pictures of my fabulous stained glass last year - one piece I didn't show you was our house number '87'. Peter who made the piece (to my design) had it on display with some of his other wonderful stained glass works at the time.
87 now sits proudly in our front window, I'm too cautious to actually hang it in the porch in case someone decides to take pot shots at it.

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