Sunday, 5 October 2008

Best Room In The House

I've been waiting and waiting for a clear day in order to decorate the toilet!
It's such a small room that it really only takes half a day to throw up some paper - all the hard work like painting the woodwork and the ceiling was done by my other half. Bless him, he's a God send. I get to the do the fun bits..

I've gone for the boudoir look with birds. I love birds and would probably have a huge shabby chic white wire aviary affair in the garden if I lived in warmer climes..

The wall paper is suitably kitsch - silver and cerise.

We still have an old chain pull cistern - it's not beautifully Victorian or anything so needs a little dressing. I got this birdtastic fabric on etsy a while ago in readiness, whipped it up into a neat little frou frou number. Goes well with the chandelier.

My sister bought me this 'keepsake picture frame' for my birthday. I think I'd have one in every room - they're so versatile. I bought the 1930's cast metal birds on eBay and decided to trap them behind the glass. They're flying over some flowers and a landscape postcard that I bought when I was a student. I was drawn to the postcard at the time as the picture was so evocative - space and freedom - what every 19 yr old yearns for. Oh and a vintage car driven by a cool dude of course..

Now I can sit on the loo looking at the bird box and daydream.

I have had creative surge recently. The contents of my knitting bag ...

... completed this week. Watch this space for piccies of my Raspberry Circular Bolero!

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