Sunday, 29 November 2009

I Made Birthday Bling!

I had been inspired earlier in the year by my attempts at wire wrapped jewellery making at the Make Lounge. A relatively swift and darn good way of creating personalised jewellery one offs.

My sister was celebrating her birthday down at the log cabin we rent every year in order to get three families and friends together in one venue - sort of Twin Peaks meets Butlins. I decided to make her a birthday bracelet and enlisted the help of Flib to point me in the direction of bead shops in London.

Warning - buying beads and Swarovski bling can become dangerously addictive. However I now have quite a nice stash and will make some more pieces for Christmas.

Of course, once in the jewellery making zone - I thought I'd add a cocktail ring for good measure.

Biggest sister provided the Birthday Cakes - a whole stack of these lovely beauties!

Sis loved the present and my youngest daughter Ruby asked for something special for her birthday a few weeks later.

Yesss! I get to go bead shopping again!

Ruby specified she certainly wanted a Swarovski heart, but any colour scheme would do. I had chosen my sister's beads with a certain turquoise leather bag she owns in mind .. this has to be the best bit about making stuff for other people - just what would they like?

Here's Ruby's bracelet, with the obligatory Ruby red heart.

And the birthday cake I made to an aged old recipe, cooked in my heart tin - delish!


Thimbleanna said...

Oooh yummy! All those cakes look delicious. And your bracelets are sooo pretty Abi -- fabulous job!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

That cakes looks delicious!

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