Thursday, 9 February 2012

Another Blog Win

Yes! I appear to have a winning streak!

These inspiring pencils came through the post today - my prize from Laura at She Draws. I came across Laura's blog when I was blog hopping looking for drawing inspiration and her blog is inspiring, do check it out.
One of a stack of 2012 promises to myself was to sign up to an art class - I want to get deep and dirty into actual sketchbook productivity - you know with real pencils, paint and glue and all? (Pinterest can only hold my interest for so long).
My first class is in a week or so and I'm looking forward to getting away from my desk and into an Artroom once again - and then out and about as the course promises field trips.
So I'll need to brush up on my camera skills too, which was another promise to myself for 2012 - to read the instruction manual for my camera. The whole manual. And understand it.

I've noticed quite a bit of blog buzz about Bloglovin recently, so in order to keep up to date with blogs I love and people who make me want make, I will be signing up.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

That's another promise for 2012 - to immerse myself in the good stuff, but know when to shut the laptop and unhook the phone.
Has anyone started a self-help group for Pinterest yet? I hear a lot of crafters say they're hooked into the void of endless cupcake, kitten and fabric pinning.

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Thimbleanna said...

You're so funny - don't forget all the yarny love on pinterest . And food love. And .... I love the idea of stepping away from all the electronics. I usually try to do that on the weekends so that I can actually get some stuff done. And I have no idea what bloglovin is - must check it out....

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