Wednesday, 10 April 2013

iPhone Cover in Cross Stitch - A Coffee Break Craft

I am a winner!
I won a super ‘create your own X-stitch iPhone skin’ giveaway on the Crafty Ms De Vil’s blog as part of the Craft Candy launch (I had to guess how many mini chocolate eggs there were in a jar).

Wait ... who are Craft Candy?

Crafty blogger Zoe Arch has been busy developing a brand new type of craft platform around the idea of spreading word of mouth crafty info, which serves crafters like you and me, businesses and the wider community.
Craft Candy has a website where you can find out what craft events or workshops are taking place locally but you can also download their free app which makes finding craft events neat and easy to navigate.

The app has links to social media tools like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and FB so likeminded crafters can keep in touch. It’s a whole lotta crafting cool in your pocket.
I attended the Craft Candy launch a few weeks ago – find out how it went over at the Craft Guerilla blog where I am guest posting for a few months.

Now ... back to my iPhone skin and my love/hate relationship with cross stitch. 

When my first daughter was born I designed and stitched a sampler of our terraced house, my partner and me with new baby Tara. It was a great project and framed, it hung on our wall for years.

Along came baby number two and my ambitions had grown along with my family – I designed a second sampler with new home, garden and new babe in arms – a more elaborate and bigger work.

Needless to say looking after two kiddies and working meant less room for crafting, the second sampler rarely made it onto my knee to be worked on …
Cut to 2013 and FIFTEEN years later this cross stitched sampler is my biggest, guiltiest WIP to date. 


I cannot bear the thought of never finishing it - sorry Ruby, but you know it doesn’t mean I love you less than your sister. Yet I can't get to grips with this (now somewhat dated) project and summon the energy to stitch away til kingdom come.
The iPhone cover is only a few inches high so I gave it my best shot.

The skin comes with its own floss and designs for you to follow, but I had a quite a stash to choose from and I do love coffee and coffee cups – so off I went on my own merry way.

It didn't take long to complete, a coffee break sized project. The back is little messy - but I argue it gives extra cushioning to the phone (ahem).

I'm hoping that this little cross stitch detour may launch me back into a romantic clinch with the unfinished  sampler. I could invite my daughter Ruby to finish it, or is that just cruel - what do people think?


ashley0107 said...

This is so cute! I love the little lines of steam :)

Thimbleanna said...

Ahhh, I have a few unfinished cross-stitch projects from the second baby -- must be a worldwide problem. Your iphone cover is super cute -- the little coffee design is perfect. Is there some way to protect it so it doesn't get dirty?

Jeanie B said...

Hi Anna!
I bought a lovely little zip purse from a maker on Etsy that I keep my phone in - stops it getting too scruffy. But I'm not sure how durable the Cross-stitch skin will be - it's actually a little 'baggy' around the phone, not a snug fit.

Hi Ashley - thanks for the comment, I love the knits on your blog.

Rebecca said...

Anna! I have the same kit and made the cupcake from the included pattern. I had done cross stitch before so I altered it. I really like it and have had it on my phone for four months now. My next challenge is figuring out how best to wash it, but it stays on fine. I love your coffee cup! It looks fantastic.

Tomoko said...

This is cool!

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