Monday, 10 June 2013

Handmade Tea Cosy, Carmen Miranda Style

I’m not sure what possessed me to turn my entry in the Tea Cosy competition for a small Tea Room in the Peak Distirict into an homage to Carmen Miranda … I suspect it had something to do with cosies resembling hats, often sporting flowers.

However once begun, there was no holding me back ...

I used a lightbox to trace a design that I could transfer easily to linen and then embroider.

With fabric from the stash I cut a shape for Carmen’s headscarf with iron on adhesive paper – the double backed type for applique.

Once ironed into place, I handstitched around the edges. 
I drew out a very basic cosy pattern, a universal ‘coverall’ with no openings for the spout or handle. 

The appliqued front was quilted with a contrasting lining fabric, as was the colourful back piece. 
I had a go at machine freehand embroidery around the fruit, I’m still getting the hang of this and need a bit more practice.

For added swagger I added a dash of pom poms. These can be quite tricky to sew – you need a million pins to hold the pom pom fringe in place prior to stitching. 

The pom poms were sandwiched on the inside, the quilted cosy back and front pieces being pinned right sides together. 

I inserted a loop at the centre top at this stage, stitched all around the curved cosy edge, then turned the finished cosy right side out.

That’s all there is to it really – a little bit of hand stitching along the bottom inside edge to make a neat cuff.

Of course it wouldn't be Carmen-worthy if I hadn't added a spectacular knitted lily for good measure.

And an earring!

So there you have it - my entry for the Tea Cosy Comp which will be displayed in the Tea Room at White Peak Embroidery, Derbyshire during July 2013 ... and subject to a public vote! 
Wish me luck.

I am posting this link on Handmade Monday Linky party - pop over and see what other people are making this week. 


Ali said...

I can honestly say I think yours is the best tea cosy I have ever seen. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed, I really hope you win.
Ali x

Helen said...

I love it :) what an inspired choice, i wish you luck in the competition x

Lucy Blossom said...

Good Luck with the competition - its a fabulous tea cosy, and so detailed too.

Louise (Elsie May and Bertha) said...

I, I, I, I like your tea cosy very much! It's fab, beautifully made and it carries your Carmen Miranda vibe from top to bottom. The other tea cosies have some very good competition.

Lilly's Mom said...

Wow! You really created this tea cozy from scratch. I love it. The embellishments are out of this world.

CatkinJane said...

Absolutely wonderful!

I'm sure it will be greatly admired (and get plenty of votes), good luck

Kate @craftsonsea said...

Carmen Miranda is inspired! I totally love it :D

Katie Peters said...

Wow! This is AWESOME! I'd love to do one of these... Creating Wellbeing!?

Anonymous said...

That is totally amazing. I loved reading about how you made it too.

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