Friday, 27 March 2009

Bag Tags!

I don't think I have ever forgiven my mother for not allowing me to go to dance classes as a kid like my friend Shirley. As a result I now go dancing every week - Jive and Swing/Lindy.

I decided I needed a bag for my dancing shoes (not a pink one and minus the ballerina). I found this dinky little number on Ebay a few months back.

The bag is just the right size for my shoes, a hand towel (it's sweaty work) and a bottle of water. It was a little plain though and I knew just what embellishments it needed - luggage labels!

It only took a quick search on Etsy to find these wonderfully handcrafted vintage tags from Swallow Song Designs. Just what I'd been thinking of.

Do take a look around Corinne's Etsy store, her tags are beautifully finished, reasonably priced and with the added option of customising the back - a cool touch!
This is the added info I chose...

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