Friday, 29 May 2009

I Made A Be Bop Skirt

Yo Daddio, what does every mama need to get hep to the jive? Why, a Be Bop Skirt of course.

I've lost count of the number of these swishy skirts I've made, it's such a lovely pattern. I saw the fabric here and knew I just had to have it for a dancing skirt.

I only ordered two meters which is just enough to make it up (not cutting on the bias mind you, which I really aught to). Having cut all four pieces out I found to my horror that I'd laid the back with the fabric pattern upside down .. not such a crime given all the instruments are jostling around  - but the drum kit was upside down.

I decided it didn't really matter too much (a man on a galloping horse wouldn't notice).
I was in such a hurry to finish the skirt before its first outing to a jive party, that my machine practically chewed up the hem on the lining - my needle was blunt but I wasn't about to change it..
I wore this last week to the 100 Club to see Laura B and the Moonlighters - great swinging night!

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