Friday, 26 November 2010

I Made Stollen

Stollen is a traditional German Christmas cake, more of a bread really packed full of dried fruit and marzipan. It's my favourite Xmas treat although mince pies come a close second. I made this one to take to our annual family pilgrimage to the Log Cabin.

Quite frankly it weighed a ton, light and fluffy it was not. The dough refused to rise before baking and I was worried the thing might be inedible.

Once the loaf was out of the oven and dusted with icing sugar, I decided it was an homage to David Lynch - er, for all those who are familiar with the Eraserhead baby..

It was a pretty dense loaf - but I have to say, lightly buttered and with a mug of steaming coffee (damn fine) it tasted wonderful! It is served here on my latest crockery find - a 30's spotty plate I picked up from a boot fair last month ... and I got two tureens to match, all for a couple of quid.


Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, that looks yummy! I've never made stollen, but I'd love to try -- especially for my German BIL!

Anonymous said...

I am German and we always have Stollen for Christmas.... Don't worry, a Stollen is not supposed to be light and fluffy. It's texture is more dense ... Usually the marzipan is integrated in the batch and not inside it as a whole piece. Did your recipe tell you to do so?


JeanieB said...

Hi Anon

yes I browsed for a couple of recipes, all of them said to fold the dough around a sausage of marzipan in the middle - and the stollens I've bought commercially here are the same.
But I *do* like the idea of integrating the marzipan into the dough, that would be much tastier blended experience.

I made another stollen recently - it rose a little more and was still quite dense but tasted more cooked!

Jeanie B

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