Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Decking The Halls

Cloves and an orange are the ingredients for this Oldskool Christmas make. Mask the orange with tape so you know where the ribbon will lie then stud the orange with cloves - use a skewer and a thimble or you'll have sore finger tips.

The pomander really needs to dry out in a paper bag for a few weeks with the help of orris root or it may go mouldy - but this one will only be hanging by the tree for a few days over Christmas so I missed that step out.
It gives off the most wonderful Christmas scent ...

I rustled up a batch of mince pies for the army of tree decorators...

And finally - I bought a couple of new decs this year. Kitty Cat is from Paperchase but the reindeer prancing with baubles is from a pound shop up the High Street - result!

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