Monday, 28 February 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Kathy at Post Cards From The PP has been organising monthly photo scavenger hunts. I thought I'd join in with February's challenge, it would be a good opportunity to get out with my camera. Here's the list of items we had snap ..

a bridge
something with stripes
a musical instrument
a big lorry/truck
a round clock face
your shoes
a park bench
a newspaper headline
a postbox
something heart shaped
something red

And here's my batch of pictures ... mostly from around East London, the musical instrument courtesy of a busker in Southport.

The challenge wasn't as easy as it looked - the big truck eluded me for days! Lots more photo sets from this challenge can be found on the Scavenger Hunt Flickr group here
Why not join in next month?


Thimbleanna said...

How Fun! I LOVE that you joined in -- who doesn't want to see pictures from London! I know what you mean about the big truck -- I was looking around on a Sunday afternoon and had no luck -- I had to go to a truck stop LOL! Great Pictures -- I Love your stripes!!!

JeanieB said...

Thanks Anna - I had lovely sunny weather for most of my snaps, my stripy bin looks almost regal.

Looking forward to seeing yours, still can't quite over that bike on a pole from Jan ;-)

bad penny said...

These are fab...I keep saying that I must do more close ups ( or learn to crop the photos ) maybe in March ! I love the truck. Maybe I'll see the Busker as I'm going to stay in Southport to catch up with my mum's & my rellies soon.

Kathy said...

Great photos! Thanks for joining in! I had a struggle with the big lorry and then one parked next to us on a motorway stop! Result!

Glo said...

Thanks for coming by my site to see my February Scavenger Hunt photos. I enjoyed looking at yours too ~ beautiful eyes! It's fun seeing different parts of the world this way. Now on to March's challenge! Glad you liked my sea bench ~ it's where I walk to often ~ once I even dozed off while sitting there...

Lisa said...

Love the red apples. Good lcuk for March. This is such good fun don't you think?!
Lisa x

Gail said...

Ok you've inspired me to give this a try this month!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Heya Lovey....!

THANK YOU so much for sending me the link to your blog....I see we have MANY things in common so I've saved you to my list to keep up with your adventures.... :o) !!

It's the start of the day for me here but I'll be back tonight with a glass (or 3) of wine for a GOOD read....!

Cheers for now from Australia,
Tamarah xx

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Wow, great job! Love your pictures!

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