Sunday, 24 April 2011

Self Help for Plastic Addicts

How about some work in progress, it’s Spring and I’m dabbling in new projects. I’ve always had a fascination for decorative plastics, I loved to buy cheap gum ball charms and rings as a kid. I love threading plastic beads - there’s nothing too precious about plastic jewellery, you can lose a piece and it won’t break the bank - unless of course it’s a one off Vintage Bakelite creation.

There’s plenty of informative blogs about the birth of early plastics and their use in fashion. I have fond memories of the weight and clunky sound of Bakelite - it’s quite distinctive, as is the smell of the warmed plastic. We had quite a few bits and bobs of Bakelite in my family home as a kid - light fittings, my dad’s razor box, electrical plugs - all in that swirled slightly dour muddy brown colour.

I look out for early plastic pins or brooches on my vintage fair forages and I’ve had a few successes, but not many. I’ve taken to drooling over Bakelite crib toys and articulated pins online - it’s become quite an addiction, so in the time honoured tradition of self-help I’ve decided to make my own.

I’ve got quite a collection of vintage buttons and findings and I’m thinking of investing in a small hand ‘Rota-tool’ for drilling and cutting. I’ve got quite a chunky cordless Makita, which is just a bit too hefty - a relic of my scenery making days

I ordered some beautiful Bakelite beads from Etsy - you really have to see them up close to see how glorious the colours are - like highly polished jelly beans. 

The guy on the left is a prototype, the doodle if you will. The more rotund jazz guy on the right will be the finished model with painted face, complete with silver trumpet dangling from his hand. Most of his components are Vintage Plastic. I’m making a jazz gal too - a la Ms Baker, with banana skirt. Both come with a pin on the reverse so I can wear them on jackets and coats. 

Watch this space for the completed jazz duo - sometime soon I hope.


two bones and a bagle said...

Great brooches both the old and the new ones you have made.

JeanieB said...

Thanks Debs!
I must point out the first two pictures are brooches I've been lusting over on eBay, I haven't completed a brooch project of my own yet.

Every time I make time to craft with wire and beads I find another ingredient missing - last time it was copper wire as opposed to the silver wire I had in my stash - the silver was just too new looking.


Gail said...

Want to borrow a Dremel? X

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, so fun! I love your little prototypes -- I'll look forward to seeing more! (I have to laugh too -- my word verification is "morons" LOL)

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