Sunday, 24 April 2011

Meccano at the Olympic Park

Something rather large and wonderful is being made down the road from where I live. Not that I’ve got an Anish Kapoor in my back garden, but almost.

The Olympic Park is a short bike ride away - and we often cycle down to the Container Café adjacent to the 2012 Olympic (building) Site for coffee and Brownies (believe me - they do the best Brownies). 

The View Tube as it’s known is a haven for other cyclists and mummies and daddies with toddlers who want to watch the big diggers build the Olympics. But it’s also an Education Centre, a hub of Green Fingered gardening/reclaiming projects and an exhibition site for local school arts projects and artists.

The Anish Kapoor sculpture ‘Orbit’ which is being constructed next to the Olympic Stadium is coming along a treat. I’ve not heard any locals say a good thing about it other than it’s bloody huge, but I love the colour - real liquorice shoelace red and I’m really quite in love with it. 
It puts me in mind of roller coasters and a Meccano trumpet tied in knots. 
And judging by the small piece already in place … yes   it   will   be   massive.

Do go and take a look!


Thimbleanna said...

Oh, if only I could go take a look! I'll bet it's great fun watching all the building going on and it sounds like you're enjoying all of it!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Hello over there Lovey....!

How EXCITING for you to be able to witness all of this construction.... :o) !! It would be WONDERFUL to come sit with you & have a cuppa & watch for a while....ESPECIALLY if the day was as pleasant as in your pics....!!

THANKS so much for your recent enquiry....I've just posted about the set I'm building for the Extravaganza....Pop over if you have a moment & let me know what you think....!!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

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