Thursday, 19 July 2012

#LDN Bunting

There's a bit of a sporting shin-dig happening up the road from me in a few days. I live in the borough of Newham and we are hosting the Olympics.

I did manage to get a ticket ... for Water Polo ... all that was on offer third time lucky in my price range, but I will be in the Olympic Park for the event so Whoo Hoo!
I visited the Stadium to watch a pre-Olympic running event a few months back, granted the venue was unfinished but I was rather underwhelmed.
It was v-e-r-y windy and cold - I fear they have created a vast circular wind bowl.

Anyhow - back to bunting.

The Olympic Torch is running past the end of our street this weekend finishing at our local park where the flame will be welcomed at the annual Newham Show. This year the show is taking a leaf out of Ms Allsopp's book and has decided to celebrate local crafts with a Village Fete tent where there will be prizes for biggest marrow, funniest vegetable, tastiest cake etc.

I have entered the bunting category, creating 1m of hand stitched bunting. There is no theme as such but - what the heck I decided to go with the whole *London* thing and started with a humble tea towel.

I topped and tailed each flag with red and blue fabric, sandwiching an image from the souvenir tea towel in the middle adding a couple of cross stitches for good measure.

Each flag is double-sided alternating the floral red and gingham blue.

But it needed something else.


And bells, natch.              (Look I'm in this to win)

Judging is on Sunday at 4pm. Watch this space. 


I was placed! 
(Granted there were only 3 entries. Ahem)

I am linking this post to the Handmade Monday linky party - see what everyone else is making this week.


Thimbleanna said...

You sure get my vote - I LOVE IT! I'm going to have to hunt down some of those London tea towels - I've always thought them too souvenir-y before - but this is awesome!!! Canyou watch the Olympics from your window LOL???

Anonymous said...

excellent mileage out of a tea towel. Would get 10/10 and first prize from me! GillyRB

quintonwench said...

These look great! Such a great use of a tea towel. Beautifully made.

Highland Monkey's said...

I like the extra little cross stitches you've stitched on. Great bunting. Great to have a show that has all the old fashioned ideas. Hope you win!

BoPeep said...

I really like it! Simple yet tasteful. And I love re-purposing souvenir linens... :)

Made in Suisse said...

This bunting is beautiful! Such a great idea of yours to use a London tea towel, it looks so stylish and different!

Ginx Craft said...

What a great way to use a tea-towel The flame is coming to my side of London tomorrow. Very excited, but am going to have to be up early to see it.

Martha said...

fabulous bunting, love the way how you incorporated those "london bits" into your sewing. very clever and very unique!

Jeanie B said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone - there are so many great vintage tea towels on eBay (although the one I used in the bunting was new) that I may just have to do a 'range' of retro tea towel bunting.

Anna - not quite *so* near the stadium! It's a 20 minute bike ride away although access is truly restricted now and just getting around the borough is proving a bit of a chore.
OH is going to a dress rehearsal of the opening ceremony this week! Sneak peek!

knitnrun said...

I really love it. I would have given you first place (but at least you didn't came last!) I think your idea of doing a range of this style of bunting is a really good one!

Ali said...

I really think you should have come first the bunting is lovely and so unique. Hope you enjoy the water polo. Ali x

Handbags by Helen said...

Enjoy the water polo

Wendy said...

Love how you used the tea towel images in the bunting and you were robbed - first place should've been yours!!

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