Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My Olympics

It was such a long time coming - and sadly over in a flash.

The Olympic fortnight (not forgetting the Paralympics yet to happen) was a like a holiday romance. Two weeks when London felt extraordinary, people smiled more, talked more. There was somehow less traffic, less bustle and more chilling about in parks and gardens.
Watching athletes win filled me with awe and we all rushed to share the unabashed joy we felt.

But holiday romances never last and it has been painful to say goodbye to lazy days of TV viewing, late night TV viewing and strolls through deserted high streets usually choked with shoppers.

I'd like to think I could pick up the romance again in 4 years time, but it'll be a different place and I'll be a different person and I know it just won't be the same.

London is left with a 'Park' and 'Shopping Mall' neither of which I would rush to visit again. I hope the government sort out a lasting legacy regarding the venues for us mortals to use in the future.

I am left with mixed feelings about the Orbit which I photographed often - I think it could have been an elegant beacon for the games this off kilter knot of giant red liquorice, but someone welded a bloody observation deck to the top, rammed a circular staircase up its middle and it lost its grace.

So bye bye and thanks Olympics 2012 - it's been great!

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Thimbleanna said...

You're too funny! Not sure how I'd feel about the orbit either. You're so lucky to live "right there" -- I'll bet it was an awesome experience (although you're probably glad to have "your" city back aren't you?) Your photos look like you made the most of it -- they're beautiful!

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