Sunday, 15 June 2014

Let There Be Light

I've wanted a new lampshade for the sitting room for a long time and had my eye on a large drum shade covered with vintage fabric - quite a few of these are being sold online currently but I thought it best to make my own as it would work out cheaper.

But what could be cheaper than free?

Look what the Gods of Craft and Upcycling had in store for me - I stumbled across a dumped lampshade on the corner of my street one evening, but wasn't overly impressed with the colour.
The very next day I came across a bin bag of discarded curtains on another street corner, with this beauty of barkcloth lying on top!

It was a project crying out to be made - so I went right ahead.

I am posting this on the Handmade Monday linky party - pop over and see what other people are making this week.

Now I was glad to able to re-purpose unwanted bric-a-brac dumped in my neighbourhood, but honesty fly tipping makes my area grim, unloved and leaves me depressed.

It just takes one call to our council to arrange collection of unwanted stuff, or it can be done online - surely that's easier than driving out to someone else's manor with car load of rubbish and dumping it under cover of night.

Pisses me right off.


Jen said...

What a wonderful creation from such an awful situation. I never understand why people just dump their stuff wherever they feel like it. It's infuriating! Still what a find! You really have created something totally fab!! well done! xxx

threads 'n' shreds said...

Fantastic that you managed to come across the 2 perfect items you needed to make your lampshade. very sad to see all the fly tipping going on, bad that people get so lazy!!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh wow -- I'd be pissed off too. Maybe a month's worth of an undercover cop issuing fines might fix the problem -- too bad, there's probably not much budget for such a sting.

On a happy note though, your lampshade looks fantastic -- Well Done!!!

Picto said...

What great finds, the fabric really brought the shade back to life. It's doubly annoying that people feel it's ok to dump their unwanted items when there are such easy methods of disposal.

Jan x

Lucy Blossom said...

Great finds and a beautifully upcycled lampshade. I also hate fly-tipping, it's so unnecessary and ugly.

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